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My mission...

At Pyramid Waste Solutions we believe so strongly in the concept of the circular economy that we want everyone to get there regardless of the size of your business, your municipality, or even your household.  We are committed to creating connections leading to a better environment for everyone everywhere.

Who I am...

Ross Vesci

Owner/Consultant/Connections Specialist

I have a passion for waste reduction and a fascination with materials reuse.  And, with more than 30 years of experience in the waste industry, when the time was right, I made my dream come true and started my own business connecting with other professionals at a multitude of companies to bring innovations to all businesses; innovations to help reduce waste and the costs associated with the things we throw away.

As a consultant, I can analyze your waste streams and help with waste reduction initiatives.  As a broker, I can work with you to sell some of those waste streams to companies looking for feed stock.  But as a connections specialist, (my personal favorite) I can help you make the right connections to the right innovations to help you reach your zero waste goals.  


Every business deserves a chance to reduce overall costs, reduce wastes and create circular economies, regardless of industry or size of business.  That's why at Pyramid Waste Solutions we say @profitpeopleplanet. 

I want a better world for everyone, everywhere. 

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